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Retirement and Resignation Policy
« on: January 16, 2014, 07:40:24 pm »
United States Department of Defense
Retirement and Resignation Policy

Retiring or Resigning is the official discharge or dismissal of active duty within the United States Navy. The choice of leaving the USN should be yours and only yours. If you have resigned from the United States Marine Corps and decided to come back, you must wait at least one month and not join any other organization to regain your rank back fully. If you come back before one month or join another organization prior to the one month length, you will not be reinstated to your full rank and may be refused the right to be reinstated. If time is of your concern, the following options are available and recommended:

Upon request for a retirement/resignation you will receive one of two forms. The first form is a DD 214 Form. This is to acknowledge you and granting you permission to be an Honorably Discharged Sailors. The DD 214 Form can only be given by the Commandant of the Marine Corps. If your request for a retirement/resignation is denied you will receive a DD 293 Form. If it is denied it is likely because you were just demoted and/or you are avoiding a dishonorable discharge. Upon receiving a DD 293 Form you will be listed as a Dishonorably Discharged Sailor or Soldier and will not be permitted access to be reinstated without CMC/ACMC approval.

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